Frequently Asked Questions


Why is BiniMe a liquid formula?

BiniMe’s liquid formulas are more quickly and safely absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream, and thus is the best way to ensure that your pet can benefit fully from the product. Additionally, the product is highly concentrated and thus better value for your money.


Why do you use alcohol in your products?

Customers sometimes express concern that alcohol is used in the preparation of herbal extracts, but you can be assured that these products are perfectly safe for your pet. BiniMe uses pure grain ethanol, which has been proven to be the best solvent, carrier and preservative for the active ingredients in our formula. The amount of alcohol in the animal dose is very minimal and can be compared to the amount you might find in an overripe banana.

Can I use two or more BiniMe supplements simultaneously?

Yes. BiniMe supplements are safe to combine  as long as the proper dosages are followed. In fact, we encourage the use of multiple products together to ensure the health and happiness of your pet. However, it is recommended to introduce one product at a time at least a week apart. Also, if two or more of the products contain some of the same ingredients, alternate the dosages throughout the day.


There is some floating stuff in my BiniMe bottle. What is it? 

BiniMe products are all natural and may contain sediment. This is completely normal and does not affect the effectiveness of the product. Give the bottle a good shake and continue to use as recommended.