BiniMe Bones/Skin/Coat is specially formulated to bring luster and gloss to your pet’s fur, strengthen their claws, and promote healthier skin. It contains organic calcium and silica, which aids in your pet’s food absorption and will also reduce the restlessness in your pet. This organic, all natural formula is perfect for bringing balance to your pet’s needs and protecting their bones, their coat, and their skin.


Key Ingredients:

Horsetail Grass: This herb’s high silica level promotes healing throughout your pet’s system and also has the ability to increase calcium levels, making it ideal for their bones.
Marshmallow Root: A root that stimulates the immune system and helps with kennel cough, diarrhea and colitis.

Alfalfa: A nutrient rich herb, high in vitamins and proteins, alfalfa has been known to decrease symptoms of disease and reduce cholesterol.